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- Hayeon Park
82 - 2862 - 6742

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Virtual combat training simulation
Since it was founded in 2000, Naviworks Co., Ltd. is a specialized company in ICT convergence simulation including virtual training simulations for the public, private and military applications, control and tactical training simulator, disaster safety training systems, entertainment simulators based on the state-of-the-art virtual reality technology and experience, and provides smart controlling services of IoT-based plant, facilities, vehicle / vessel, etc. based on the platform and technology for military and civilian situation control.

We at Naviworks Co., Ltd. are committed to create the world’s most innovative products and services in the related field, and will be born again every day as “a Global Smart Company to lead the customer’s soft power” to attain customer satisfaction through our constant technical maturity.


Management Philosophy
Changes the world better with right technology

Cultivates people of talent with moral science and technology
Designs happiness to customers in the world
Creates the future with enthusiasm and sacrifice

Cultivates people of talent through education and practice
With continuous process improvement,
Achieves customer satisfaction and
Builds a win-win culture in gratitude and consideration

Takes care of people with family affection, communicates with heart, creates with a passion and takes a responsibility with ownership.


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